The history of trains and its development is now in aceh

#The history of trains and its development is now in Aceh
When the development of various transportation has many choices, the decade around the 1970s the Aceh region has used various types of transportation including the train as one of the tools used as community accommodation generally, the railroad tracks are found in the area that connects the east coast and westward direction. And this train has reached the route to the city of Medan in North Sumatra. At present, as a sign of locomotives ever operating in Aceh, a monument was built with one of the freight cars from the train used as the Railway Monument, located on Jl. Sultan A. Mahmudsyah (Barata supermarket) Banda Aceh, and became one of the histories of transportation in Aceh.
The history of the start of the construction of the Aceh railroad is very unique, different from other regions. This difference is based on the initial purpose of the fire construction and who will benefit from the development. The train in Aceh was initially built as one of the facilities used to transport military equipment from the port of Ulee Lheue to Kutaraja or Banda Aceh. In other words, the rail was built to achieve war interests for the economic and social needs of the people. And in the end, this is also something that provides great economic and political benefits with the completion of the development. The most important political interests are the priority.
after the long abandonment of the follow-up program, the continued development of the 2007-2008 railway line continued, but not starting from Aceh Tamiang, but from Krueng Mane, North Aceh Regency to Cunda, Lhokseumawe City along 28 km.20170325_193416.jpg
now in the area of ​​Sumatra, the railroad is included in the category of transportation that is lacking in interest because access and other supporting matters are inadequate. And coupled with the development of today's increasingly advanced make people not choose and less interested in using the train and more comfortable using two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels. Society basically people want a fire that is integrated with the same route as a developed country or a good and suitable as a means of public transportation. if the train is only used as a pioneering route, then the community will choose other means of transportation that are more effective and efficient in all respects.